For mouth watering Indian Cuisine in Cheltenham, look no further than these specially selected dishes from The Montpellier Ballroom to wet your appetite.

Jinga Teutul (King Prawn) - Jumbo size king prawns from Bangladesh.  Fresh water marinated with chefs special spices, grilled and cooked with chilli and tamarind sauce, onions, peppers and pickled chilli.

Chicken Mowchak - tender pieces of chicken and fresh prawns, marinated in a selection of imported spices from Assam.  Added to this is a delicious sauce prepared from exotic peppers and herbs, garlic cream, honey and sesame seeds.  Hence creating a flavour unique only in this dish.  Medium hot to mild with a sweet texture.

Chicken Jahlale - tender pieces of chicken marinated in special herbs and spices imported from Bangladesh, then cooked in a delicate sauce made from yoghurt, cumin, tangerine and coriander.  Green chillies are added to make this dish spicy and suitable for those who enjoy a rich spicy dish.

There are currently 18 recommended Chefs Specials at The Montpellier Ballroom, visit the website to see the full restaurant menu here.