The Ballroom

Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in Cheltenham.

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Cheltenhan Spice

Indian spices have seen an increased demand by world markets. 


Historically it was just curry powder or a few ready-to-use spice mixes, whole Indian spices have now not just made their way to the spice markets but also into the kitchens of fine-dining Indian restaurants like The Ballroom in Montpellier. 


And in recent times, you won’t be surprised, to find signature Indian spice marts. Spices like ajwain, dalchini, cloves, black cardamom, star anise, dhania and tamarind seeds are among the more popular. 


Indian spices have captured the popular imagination by featuring in films like Mistress Of Spices and Today’s Special and a whole host of television shows like Outsourced and The Big Bang Theory for example.