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At Last - An Indian Cuisine Temperature Chart

Have you ever sat staring at an Indian Restaurant Menu thinking that it all sounds fantastic, but your are a little unsure if the spice level of the food is going to send you off the chart?

Then, fear not, as we have created an easy visual guide to the temperature order of our delicately spiced, delicious Indian cuisine.

Starting at the very bottom, the mildest dishes are Korma, Pasanda and Biyani. If you would like to be a little more adveturous, then the next in line is Balti, Tikka and Rogan Josh.

If you like a hot curry, then Jalfrezi or Madras will suit your palette, but if your taste buds require jst a little more heat to get them going, then we would recommend a Vindaloo.

The hottest Indian dishes are Phaal. Phall Curry is the hottest Indian Curry and was originated in Indian restaurants in Birmingham, UK

In Bangalore, Phall is char-broiled mutton strips that had been marinated in hot curry spices. The dish is very hot, but it has no sauce, it is a finger food like Tandoori chicken.

Phaal is the hottest curry made with Habanera peppers. It is a simple Chicken or Lamb tomato based thick curry with pungency derived from fresh ginger and combination of fresh and dried hot peppers.

Phall is derived from Phallus to signify the macho-ness of a man who can eat such a hot food.