Chefs Q&A

Test the Chef!
Mozlu Miha 

From cooking secrets to favourite dishes, our chef answers 14 probing questions...

1. What is your earliest memory of food? – I remember the awesome aroma coming from the kitchen as my Mother and Grandmother cooked and the vibrant colours when the food was laid out plus the textures and taste sensations when you started to eat.

2. Tell us about your food – It’s a taste of Bangladesh with a twist; I have also made some subtle changes to suit the western palate.

3. How often do you change your menu? – Our varied main menu stays fairly static all year round, however we have a specials board that changes weekly, I particularly like using new dishes I have discovered on my trips home to Bangladesh.

4. Which dish on the menu would you recommend to a customer? – Lamb Shatkora, Tender pieces of lamb cooked with Shatkora fruit which is part of the citrus fruit family. Giving it a sweet and sour flavour, medium hot this is a favourite traditional curry in Syhlet, Bangladesh.

5. What initiated your interest in cooking? –Mealtimes at home in Bangladesh is a family affair where everyone comes together to eat and socialise, since a child I have always associated food with happy memories and growing up wanted to be able to bring joy to people through my cooking.

6. How would you describe your approach to food? – Always use the finest ingredients and keep things simple.

7. What advice would you give to a novice? – Never be scared to try new dishes, you will be surprised at what you have been missing out on

8. Have you ever had any cooking disasters? – In my early years as a Chef there were many but you learn from your mistakes, these days I don’t have disasters but occasionally eliminate ways of doing things wrong (Chef Laughs).

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9. What is your most memorable (or unusual) meal? – This is a really hard question as I am a real foodie and have had many memorable meals.

10. Which Chef has been your greatest inspiration? – It has been my good fortune to work with many great Chef’s over the years, I always try to take the best aspects of each one and integrate into my cooking style.

11. What is your favourite local ingredient? – Too many to single one out.


12. What’s in your fridge at home?
– In the restaurant the kitchen is my domain at home it is my wife’s domain so the fridge is always filled with her wonderful home cooked delights.

13. What would you choose for your last meal on Earth? – This is easy, my wife’s wonderful traditional home cooked fish curry.